While You Were Away

by In Writing

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released August 28, 2015

Jonathan Arocho - Vocals/Guitar
Toni Pennello - Vocals/Guitar
Conor Mckeown - Drums
Fabrizio Marra - Bass

Tracked, mixed, mastered by Collin Bevan



all rights reserved


In Writing Pennsylvania

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Track Name: A Letter To...

Speak softly into me tell me all your secrets and where you've been hiding out let me know when you've found yourself
And I hope this finds you well as you're on your way back home retreat into yourself enveloped in all unfamiliar things that you became used to.

All I wanted was to feel noticed
(I didn't expect anything to come out of this)
Track Name: Chelsea

You spoke with such a condescending tone like you had nothing left to say like there was nothing left to talk about at all and I'll swallow what's left of the smoke and the burning in my throat will be a reminder that everything has changed.

You faded while I blended in to every stone wall across campus. I lost touch with you and everything due to the lack of placement.

I'm trying to keep focused on everything

But the lines in your smile are misleading and I got lost in them like I get lost in every set of nice eyes.

You faded while I blended in to every stone wall across campus. I lost touch with you and everything due to the lack of...

I'll never be the one to impress you I'll never be anything
(You faded, I blended in, I lost touch with you)
(But the lines in your smile are misleading and I got lost in them.)
Track Name: Rose, Bud, Thorn

You are an artist and I am a canvas paint me with what you perceive with your eyes. A portrait in color to remember me by.
All I know is how you look so beautiful and were killing time murdering the daylight just to bring in the night.

The park lights reflecting off of your face and I wonder if you feel safe as I desperately contemplate things to say to stay interesting.

You were the only color on a map forged in grayscale and I've spent days trying to find the best routes back to you. So I drove down south to verify my feelings on this and you kept me wrapped up with every word from your mouth.

I am a poet and with these lines I'll build you a monument something that'll out live us both, something to remember you by.

If you never make another sound I'll give up the hope to figure you out and when you're back outside of Boston and I'm still here

I'll hold this close and breath in the deep. Cherish these deafening memories they'll keep me from getting any sleep falling victim again to wishful thinking.
Track Name: Leeward

All my friends cut off their tongues
to protect me from the things that could destroy me. If only someone had said something

I could have saved my time and refrain from making the same mistake twice

At least I can see that you're good at pretending but you can only hold your facade for so long. I put my faith in knowing you'll amount to nothing As you continue to manage taking advantage of everyone.

All my friends cut off their tongues. So now They can't speak the truth so I feel bleak, feel empty, feel nothing.

Go on, go back to the place where you came from
it's true when every time you turn your back everyone has something awful to say about you
Track Name: Stillwater

I want this to stop
Just tell me everything you've learned about growing up
Tell me everything is how it's supposed to be,
because I'm afraid of change
I just want all things to stay the same.

Is this what it feels like to be alone?
Distance managed by a voice on the phone
I just want you to come back home.

This weighs heavy on my chest
And I bet you've yet to notice
You're too preoccupied letting days wear you thin
So settle in to new skin.

So settle (you settled)

I wish I could clear the mess in your head
Track Name: The American Spirit

Closed off and tongue tied. I never really seem to say what's on my mind. All I can ever manage to put together are lesser words and slurred lines and I can tell you're unimpressed by the look in your eyes.

A whole year spent drowning in our differences
All you longed for was attention but you never could afford it

Closed off and tongue tied. You never really seem to say what's on your mind. All you ever managed to do was take advantage of the way I felt about you. But it's safe to say that I never really cared at all.

There's a light in your eyes
Some kind of gleam
But no amount of your light can make the dark in my heart recede
Another sober-less night
Leads to fights with my conscience
From dim lights to hard wood floors
Ill never refrain from breaking a promise.
Track Name: I Swear I'm Trying

I'm so emotional
I can't fight this feeling of helplessness.
I tried my best to keep you close
All you ever wanted was to get out of this

But your damaged limbs and broken bones couldn't carry you home

I tried and I lost
Drowned my conscience in the alcohol
Kissed the bottle until my lips were sore.
Didn't stop until my head hit the floor
Ill panic about anything good coming my way (ill stay out of your way)
Ill pick and choose which cycle to stay stuck in (never breaking the habit)